Collab w/ Kijiji Autos

The first car I ever bought was a 2007 BMW 335i through Kijiji (my first 335i, not my second!). The platform has come a long way in the past few years, becoming the go-to spot for every enthusiast to find cars, parts, etc.

The original listing for my first BMW 335i

This month I had the incredible opportunity to work with Kijiji Canada on a video promoting the all-new Kijiji Autos app that’s set to make car buying so much easier for Canadians.

Kijiji Canada collaborated with my company, Weins Canada, to produce a video that explains how to use the platform and how to respond to dealer listings. Kijiji has done extensive research in their mission to provide consumers with great information for their car buying journey; they actually found that a lot of consumers don’t even know how to engage with top-dealers like those at the Weins automotive group.

The final video is a wonderful explanation of how to do all of that and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

Being involved in this project was a great learning experience for me. I learned what needs to happen behind-the-scenes to make videos like this happen and I also picked up some tips on how to be a better presenter on camera.

Funny enough, being on camera and in videos was never a desire of mine. In university, I shied away from it at every possible opportunity. It’s crazy how sometimes, life just has different plans. Video work is maybe 40% of what I do at work and on the side but I’m hoping that number will grow!

Stay tuned for more news on upcoming video projects but in the meantime, download the Kijiji Autos app and check it out!

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Sharnelle Bhandal is an automotive Social Media Specialist in Toronto, Canada.

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